Book Review ~ Nobody does it better by Lauren Blakely

NobodyDoesItBetter_COVER.jpgI just finished my advanced copy of Nobody does it better by Lauren Blakely. This book is the next in the series Lucky in Love. It’s Shaw and Vanessa’s story and it was a good quick one. They have been in love with each other for years and neither knew. He’s her best friends brother and is off limits. She is his sisters best friend and he’s been told he is not allowed to date her so she’s forbidden fruit so he’s been admiring her from afar since high school. They get stuck at her family’s cabin in Tahoe due to a snowstorm and this is their chance to tell eachother how they feel about the other.

Lauren doesn’t disappoint, this book was full of lust, romance and some humour. It’s the perfect book hangover book and I’m disappointed that this amazing series is finished. The women of these series are my idol’s, so carefree and their friendship is one I wish I had. This is a definite 5 star read!

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