Book Review ~ Control by K. Bromberg


5 star must read!!!!

I received an ARC for K. Bromberg’s Control. Control is a novella from the Everyday Hero’s series. It’s Desi’s story, Emerson’s best friend. I absolutely love Desi’s spunk, I think she’s my favorite heroine in this series!

I loved this book but it was too short, but then again I feel this way about book from Kristy. I didn’t want the book to end but that’s nothing new when you read a good book. Both Desi and Rez have demons they are trying to rid from their mind and both are not interested in that happily ever after that most people are searching for. Desi doesn’t do relationships, she bails the minute things get too comfortable. Rez is married to his job as the leader of a SWAT team, he doesn’t have time for relationships and doesn’t want a wife and a family on his mind while he’s in a complicated dangerous place at work and cause someone or himself to get hurt or worse killed. They should be perfect for each other right? That fact scares Desi and she puts up her defenses to keep him out.

The story was amazing. Kristy did a good job at keeping you interested in the story line. It was impossible to put the book down, so impossible that I finished it in a matter of hours. The book is part of a series but it’s a standalone book meaning you don’t have to read any other books in the series first, you can jump right in. If Kristy is a new author to you, I highly recommend picking up this book for a sneak peak into her writing. She is one of my favorite authors and I have loved every single one of her books she’s written.

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