Book Review ~ Raise your game by Cassia Leo

I received an ARC of Raise your game by Cassia Leo and it was amazing! I loved everything about the book! The banter between the couple was so real, like they were a real couple. There are several books out there about pretend couples who fall in love but this one stands out. They go to a couples sex retreat to find intimacy again and have to pretend to be a real married couple with problems. That was no problem for these two who bickered like a married couple all the time! Unlike with other books, I didn’t fall in love with Logan until the very end of the book, until then he was just a guy. Sophie though, she was great! I would love to have her personality and to meet her in real life. It’s usually the male character I want in my life but not with this book.

I can’t wait to read this book again, I will definitely be buying a copy to support the author and looking into her other books. She has a great writing style and I loved every minute of reading this book. Definite 5 star read!

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