Review ~ Beneath His Stars

Beneath His Stars FOR WEBI received an ARC for Under his stars and I enjoyed the book, it was a slow start to the book but it was good enough to stick it out and I’m glad I did. You learn so much about Adam and his family in the final chapter of the cliffhanger.

Under his stars is about a teenage love. A boy from the poor part of town, a girl from the rich part of town and how despite their differences they fall in love and are separated because of their differences in class. It’s a 2 book series and the ending of book 1 just rips you apart and guts you.

You can’t help but be upset with the way he and Liv were treated and I hope people aren’t treated like this in real life but based on how things are in today’s society I wouldn’t be surprised to find out there’s a lot of truth to the circumstances behind the story.

I look forward to reading book 2, In her Space, it releases 2 weeks later on November 15th! I hope Liv and Adam can get past all the obstacles that they face and live happily ever after.

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