Review ~ Close by Laurelin Paige

42267002I loved Close by Laurelin Paige. It was the perfect story; steamy sex, love story you wanted to see have a happy ending and a couple your rooting for to make it. Watching Nat and Nick’s love blossom from just sex to more was amazing. You keep waiting for the inevitable “breakup” and just when you think it’s going to happen it doesn’t.

I became addicted to wanting to read this story after getting a sneak peak of the first 2 chapters from Laurelin’s newsletter. The tease that Laurelin is, we had to wait a week for the rest of the book. I’ve taken my time reading this book to savor the story. It helps pass the time at the gym quickly but leaves you wanting to read more. It was very easy to get caught up in the story and took every bit of willpower to not sit and binge read the book.

This is a standalone romance that’s part of a 3 book series and all books are written by different authors which I haven’t seen done before. The ending was amazing and finished the book perfectly.

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