Sweet Cheeks

sweet-cheeks-1Sweet Cheeks, what an amazing story this was. I’ve been excited for the release of this book ever since I read the first 3 chapters in Night Shift 2. Saylor is a cupcake baker and Hayes is a big time Hollywood actor. They were childhood friends and High School sweethearts. Hayes left Saylor behind 1 weekend when they were teens to follow his dream in Hollywood and never looked back. Ten years later Saylor receives an invitation to her ex fiancés wedding and in the heat of the moment RSVP’s yes to the wedding not intending to go. Her brother, Ryder, finds out and actually thinks it’s a good idea she go to the wedding to confront her ex fiancé and ex friends in hopes they will see she’s happy and moved on from Mitch and that they will stop bad mouthing her cupcake business in hopes of getting some lost business since the split. Ryder call’s in his favor to Hayes in hopes he will take Saylor to the wedding.
I have a new love of second chance love stories. The connection with the heroine and hero is immediate and all the love and hurt from before comes rushing back the minute they see each other for the first time since they split up. This story is no different; you can feel Saylor’s hurt when Hayes comes back into her life, but that hurt passes quickly when she realizes she’s still in love with him ten years later. Her love for Hayes is the reason things didn’t work out with her ex Mitch, no one could ever compare to the love she had for Hayes. Then you have Hayes, the big hotshot Hollywood actor who could have any woman he wants but none of them hold a candle to Saylor and the love that he has for her. I loved watching the two of them fall in love for the second time, how they can so easily fall back into the love they shared as teenagers like they weren’t apart for the last ten years.
After reading this book I won’t ever look at a bag of Chip Ahoy cookies without being brought back to this book and Saylor and Hayes love story. I love how Kristy can take ordinary things like cookies and ducks and add them to her books as something so insignificant yet every time we see them we immediately are brought back to the book they were in and the memories of the love story are brought back front and center making you want to curl back up with the book and read it again.
I know Kristy was nervous about releasing this book and the reaction we readers would have to the story being it was the first novel she’s released that wasn’t a part of the Driven series but Kristy you have nothing to worry about. This was truly an amazing book, by far the favorite one of Kristy’s books I’ve read so far. I wish I could give it more than 5 stars. I highly recommend reading this book.

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