Teach Me

Teach Me – Lola Darling
201 Pages
4 star review

I signed up for a newsletter chain to be entered into a contest to win a $100 amazon gift card. I didn’t win the gift card unfortunately but I got the pleasure of receiving emails from authors who were apart of the contest. This is how I came across the book Teach me by Lola Darling. Lola shared chapter 1 of her new book in her latest newsletter and I was hooked. I downloaded a copy right away and read about 30% of the book in a span of under 3 hours. I didn’t want to put the book down.

This book is a love story between 2 people who shouldn’t be together. Jack is a poetry professor and Harper is one of his students. It’s forbidden love and they both know it. Jack does his best to push Harper away but there’s something about her that keeps pulling him in. They both agree to just sex but end up falling for each other. You can feel the passion these 2 characters have for each other in Lola’s writing and I’m not just talking about the sex and those scenes are HOT.

I was a little disappointed with the ending and I really hope Lola left it like that so she could continue Jack and Harper’s story.Lola Darling is a new must read author for me. I have a few more of her novels on my kindle app to read so check back in a few weeks for more reviews.


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