Play Me by Katie McCoy

All I can say is WOW. That book was amazing! It was sexy as hell and romantic. You can’t help but fall in love with Jake and Ella.  I have never thought of food as sexy before but Katie made me see how sexy food can be. You can personally relate to these characters, Jake is a head chef at a restaurant and Ella is a piano teacher who is trying to win a mentor ship. They are regular people with regular incomes. It was a nice change to read a book where the lead male wasn’t rich and famous and a ladies man. 

I could not put this book down, it’s that addictive. The only thing I disliked about the book was the ending, I feel like it just ended. Still I rate this 5 out of 5 and I will be waiting for more from this new author. 

Hello out there

I’ve posted review’s to several books now. If you’ve been reading them, tell me what you think. I’m not a very good writer and I’m trying something new with this whole blogging thing. What can I do to improve this blog? Have my reviews excited you to read any of the books I reviewed?  I want to hear from my readers, post below and I’ll respond.

The Baller

The Baller is about a NFL football player as our hero and a female sportscaster as our heroine. Both were afraid to fall in love because they have loved before and been hurt. Brody is our typical hero, a player with no interest in settling down anytime soon. Delilah is a female professional sportscaster. She meet’s Brody for the first time in her very first interview as a professional sportscaster and he was an arrogant ass. Rumor was Brody didn’t believe women should have a place in the men’ss locker room but Delilah didn’t care. She earned her spot there and wasn’t going to let some arrogant ass ruin that for her.

I heard about this book through a facebook reading group Holiday Reads. It’s one of many facebook reading groups that have authors take over the page for an hour to promote their books. This book caught my eye instantly. I was looking for a book about a football player after reading one about a NHL hockey player. I’m a Canadian girl who grew up to enjoy hockey like every Canadian did. I recently started following the Canadian Football League, the Canadian version of the NFL and it’s my new favorite sport to watch. I spent the whole book thinking Brody was my favorite player on my favorite team and I was Delilah.

There was a good mix of sexy and comedy in this book. Getting to know the real Brody he’s easy to fall for. He’s kind and generous, in and out of the bed. Delilah was realizing he wasn’t a bad guy after all. He pursued her and she kept him at arms length telling him she wasn’t looking for casual sex, she was only interested in sex in a relationship and that meant dating, something Brody doesn’t do. His need for her was so great he gave in and gave Delilah the relationship she was looking for. Things were going great until Brody’s past reared it’s ugly head. Could Brody and Delilah make it or is this a love story that doesn’t end with a happy ending? Read The Baller for yourself to find out.

Sinful Longing (#3 in the Sinful Nights Series)

Sinful Longing by Lauren Blakely is the third book in the Sinful Nights series. So far, it’s my favorite book in this series. Colin is a good guy. He made some bad decisions as a teen after his mother went away to prison for hiring someone to murder his father. He hits rock bottom in his flashback and hitting rock bottom is what’s fuels him to be a better man. He’s smart and volunteers his time to tutor underprivileged kids at a local community center. The Center is where he meets Elle. Elle is the community center director. Her ex-husband was addicted to drugs and he ended up dying in her arms from a drug overdose. This plus the addiction behavior was rough on Elle and she vowed to not get into a relationship with another addict, recovering or not. This is her reason for keeping Colin at arm’s length despite the amazing chemistry they seem to have together. All she wants from Colin is sex without feelings and Colin makes it his mission to make it more.
Colin knows Elle’s body better than Elle does and they haven’t been together much. He uses this and words as his seduction to make her want more. What he wants to do to her and what he does to her is so detailed it makes you wet reading it. This is a talent of Lauren’s, all 4 of the books I’ve read by her so far all share this in common. This is what keeps you going back for more that and every one of the books in the Sinful Nights series leave you with a big cliff hanger to get you to read the next book, each one bigger and bigger. I didn’t finish Sweet Sinful Nights (Shannon Shay Sloan’s Story) and immediately want to read Sinful Desire (Ryan Sloan’s story) in fact I forgot about the second book in the series until I read the teaser cover reveal for Sinful Love (Michael Sloan’s Story) and immediately wanted to read that story. It was then I realized I haven’t read the other 2 brother’s stories and I’d better get on that before the release of the 4th and final book in the series was out. These books can be read on their own but honestly you would be lost if you didn’t know the back story about the siblings and new information about their father’s murder is brought to our attention with each book.
This book has suspense, romance, emotions and a little bit of crime. I loved it. I fell for Colin Sloan and have added him to my list of book boyfriends. I rated this book 5 out of 5.

Pucked Over by Helena Hunting

If you enjoy a good sports romance, this book is a must read.  The book has humor, a bit of emotion and sex. It’s a stand alone book that is part of a series about hockey and romance. Randy Ballistic is not looking for a girlfriend. His father, a former pro hockey player, messed around on his mother every time the team was away from home and Randy doesn’t want this to happen to him. He meet’s Lilly, his best friend, Millers’, girlfriend’s best friend. She’s just getting out of a on again off again relationship and Randy offers her a easy and fun rebound relationship that consists of nothing but a lot of sex. You know, the typical romance novel we read over and over again. But what makes this one different from all the others is the humor in it and maybe all the reference to Canada. The series is about the Chicago Blackhawks but the first book’s hero is from the Toronto Ontario area and Helena Hunting is a Canadian author. The fun turns into real feelings but for who?

This is the third book in the series. I really hope there is a book about Charlene, Violets friend and Miller, Randy’s teammate on Chicago so we can get a gimps of the quiet, shy hockey player and read more about the other 3 couples and how they’ve progressed since we last read about them. I liked how Helena brought each of the couples from her other 2 books in this series into each book and managed to keep the book’s focus on the main couple, Randy and Lilly.

I really enjoyed this book. The dual point of view keeps you hooked and wanting to read the next chapter. I hesitated in reading this book because I didn’t enjoy the previous book. Lilly was a snob and I hated Sunny, the heroine of the book. She made a limited appearance in this book, which was great. What I did like about her was how she didn’t talk trash about Randy. She encouraged her friend to give it a shot with Randy, thought a little fling with him was just what she needed to get over her on again off again relationship with her ex.

I rate this book 4 out of 5. I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it.


Aced by K. Bromberg

I was scared to read this book, not because I thought Kristy would ruin the image I have of Colton and Rylee but because I wasn’t ready for Rylee and Colton’s story to end. I stumbled upon the driven series and K. Bromberg after reading a few other romance series and needing something new to read and I immediately fell in love with the story and Kristy’s writing. She has a way of writing that makes you feel like you personally know the characters. Ace is a continuation of the Driven series. It’s not the story told again in Colton’s point of view, but the story of what happens after marriage and children. We get to see Colton as a husband and a father and let me tell you, it’s wonderful. It made me fall in love with Colton all over again.

What an amazing story of ups and downs. I can’t count the number of times my heart sank reading through this story. It had a great mix of sexy and seriousness much like the other 4 books from this series. This story is about the bad playboy racer who got the girl and married her, how does he handle being a husband and a father.You can feel Rylee and Colon’s love for each other jump out of the pages every chapter. It feels so real, like your reading a journal entry and not a novel. This is a definite read if you have read the other Driven books.

Big Rock by Lauren Blakely


Big Rock was amazing. The book is told Spencer, the male character, point of view only. Spencer has the reputation as New York City’s playboy with no plans to ever settle down with someone. Spencer’s father owns a popular jewelry store chain and is looking to sell it. His potential new buyer is big on family values so Spencer’s dad has asked him to lay low for the week and stay out of the gossip magazines as New York’s noted playboy. In an effort to impress this new buyer and help his dad out Spencer decides to fake being engaged to his best friend Charlotte for the week.

I really enjoyed reading this book. It was great reading a romance novel from only the male’s point of view. Spencer is a typical guy, cocky and full of himself. He makes you laugh throughout the whole book with the thoughts that go through his mind. There is a lot of descriptive sex and I like that in a romance novel. I loved the way Lauren ended this book, it left me satisfied and in awe. I rate this book 5 out of 5.

Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover

I just finished ready Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover and it was amazing. Miles and Tate’s story is different than any I’ve ever read before. Looking into this author (because I like to do that when I’m about to dive into a new author I’ve never read before) Colleen’s story’s are described as Fifty Shades meet’s The Notebook and I believe this statement to be true for Ugly Love. You have the raw sex with the story of falling in love.

Miles wasn’t looking for love and Tate was too busy trying to focus on her career that she wasn’t looking for love but they ended up finding love in each other. Miles has a horrible past of heart break and doesn’t ever want to feel love again, that is until Tate but he’s scared to fall in love again. He has 2 rules for Tate, Don’t ask about my past and don’t think about a future. This story is told in both Tate and Miles’ point of view with Miles’ point of view telling us the story of his past. After a chapter of the present, we go back to Miles past to piece together why he’s so afraid to love again.

I rated this book 5 out of 5, I just couldn’t put it down. I started it last night and finished it tonight but while I was trying to sleep last night and desperately trying to work today thoughts of Miles and Tate kept floating into my mind and I just couldn’t wait to get home and finish this amazing story. I’m sad that it’s over but can hopefully look forward to a movie to see this book brought to life.

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Welcome to my blog. I setup this blog to share my thoughts on the books I’ve reading seeing as I don’t have anyone to discuss Romance novels with. I set a goal on Goodreads to read 30 books in 2016 and I hope to post a person review on my thoughts on each of the books. I started out my blog at the beginning of January on another blogging platform and made the decision to move it to blogger in hopes of attracting readers through google. I will be copying them over from the other blog.

I enjoy reading romance novels, particularly contemporary romance. I have a couple of favorite contemporary romance authors, most of who’s books I read last year when I got interested in reading again.